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Soan Papdi (100 g)

PKR 140.0

Mithas (0.3 kg)

PKR 465.0

Kaju Assorted (0.3 kg)

PKR 900.0

Coconut Bites (0.25 kg)

PKR 265.0

Crunchees BBQ (0.08 kg)

PKR 99.0

Crunchees Hot N Spicy (0.08 kg)

PKR 99.0

Crunchees Classic Salted (0.08 kg)

PKR 99.0

Crunchees Potato Sticks (0.08 kg)

PKR 99.0

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Since 1990

Our story dates back to 1960 when one visionary man named Haji Jan Muhammad started his journey making Khoya (Solid Milk) and Desi Ghee (Butter Oil) from a little town called Shikarpur (a little town in Sindh) grew big and went out to capture the tastebuds of the people of Karachi, Pakistan's largest city. From there he carried out his legacy to all over Pakistan & International markets.

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Milky Bread (0.25 kg)

From PKR 60.0

Cake Rusk (0.25 kg)

From PKR 230.0

Baklava Delight (0.5 kg)

PKR 650.0

Honey Dryfruit Halwa

From PKR 810.0

Our International Presence

Today, our products are being patronized by Multinational companies, Modern Hyper Markets and in addition to numerous stores and online shops. Our Packed products with standard specifications and long shelf life for your convenience and easily available in major World Markets and countries like

USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Hong Kong, United Kingdom.